International Lodge of the University of Tokyo

Dorms (Number of rooms available)

Application requirements

  • Those who are enrolled in the University as full-time student or Graduate International Research student (Kenkyusei) as of April 2013.
  • Those who lived in the university dormitories before does not have an eligibility to apply except Junior and Senior at Faculty of Science.
  • Only those who plan to live with your spouse can apply for room for married couple.
  • Only those who plan to live with your spouse AND children can apply for family room.
  • Please contact International Liaison Office in advance if your spouse is Japanese or if you are a single parent who wishes to live with your children in either a family room or a room for married couple.

In the event of any of the following, you are NOT eligible to apply.

  • Foreign residents in Japan with permanent residency
  • Those whose spouse is working in Japan
  • Those who are currently living a private company dormitory as well as who are allowed to live even after April 2012.

NOTE: NOT allowed to apply for more than one room (e.g. single and family room) at the same time.

For Mitaka , Toshima, Oiwake International Hall of Residence, students can live there only during the standard duration to complete program (Two years for undergraduate and Master, three years for Ph.D students).

Application documents

Application form for International Lodge of the University of Tokyo

Proxy application

If you are a newly-enrolled student, your supervisor can apply for dormitory on your behalf. In case of the proxy application, please fill in the relationship between applicant and proxy as well as the proxy’s signature in the signature column of the application form to be submitted after being allocated a room.

Residential period

  • International Lodge (Komaba and Shirokanedai)
    You are allowed to live in the period specified by the University between from 1 month to 1 year .
  • Mitaka International Students Hall of Residence and Toshima International Hall of Residence
    You are allowed to live for the minimum duration of your course for completion.

Notification of results

The results will be notified to all applicants at the end of February 2013.

How to apply

Application documents:

  1. Application form for the University of Tokyo International Student Dormitory(Form 1-3)
    *There is the back side.
  2. Statement of Family Financial Situation (Form 2) *1
  3. Statement of Part-time job Situation (Form 3) *1
  4. Agreement on Student Exchange etc. *2
  5. Medical Certificate, Statement from Supervisor, or Statement of Reasons by applicant himself. *3
  • *1: Student who will apply for Oiwake International Hall of Residence and Toshima International Hall of Residence are required to submit them.
  • *2: Only student accepted based on an agreement of student exchange should submit this.
  • *3: Student who needs special consideration during their enrollment (Ex: Student with a disability etc.) should submit this.

Please send application forms by e-mail to the below address.
*You can not apply to more than one room at the same time.

International Liaison Office

Room 101 Science Building 1st (West-wing), Hongo Campus

TEL 03-5841-7630
Application Deadline : 25 January 2013