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Universities & Institutions in Singapore

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Brief History

Among the three main universities in Singapore, National University of Singapore (NUS) was the oldest and was established in 1905. NUS holds over 30,000 students, many of whom have come from more than 100 countries. NUS was formed with the merger of the University of Singapore and Nanyang University in 1980. This was done in part due to the government's desire to pool the two institutions' resources into a single, stronger entity, and promote the English language as Singapore's only main language. Since this merger, NUS has been developing as Singapore's largest university.


Compared to Nanyang Technological University (NTU), NUS is similar to University of Tokyo in terms of its history and universality. However, the plenty of students and researchers from overseas makes NUS far more international than UT. Their way of speaking English and Chinese is very energetic.


Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was reborn in 1980 when two universities were unified as mentioned above. NTU consists of the Faculty of Science, Engineering, Business and Literature, and "National Institute of Education" trains teachers. There are as many as 16 dormitories on campus in which many students and professors live. The history of NTU is shorter than that of NUS, but this university is modern and fresh.

NTU provides "CN Yang Scholars Programme". This program is named after CN Yang who awarded Nobel Prize in 1957 as young as 35 years old. Selected Science and Engineering undergraduate students are funded and are able to doing research when they are still 1st or 2nd year students. Many elite and enthusiastic students from all over the world enter this university every year.



Biopolis is located near the NUS, and is famous throughout the world for its large scale integration of various biomedical science research institutes. The whole space is currently provided for 9 buildings (Chromos, Helios, Centros, Nanos, Matrix, Proteos, and Genome as Phase 1, Neuros and Immunos as Phase 2).

Some institutes holding research in the Biopolis, are the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Genome Institute of Singapore, Bioinformatics Institute. Apart from these groups dedicated to fundamental science, there are several commercial based research labs such as the GlaxoSmithKline (a world known pharmaceutical company) Medicinal Chemistry lab. The campus is aimed to promoting collaboration among the private and public scientific community.


National University of Singapore (UNIVERSITY HALL)

Nanyang Technological University (School of Physical & Mathematical Science)