Elite Science Student Visit Abroad Program (ESSVAP)

Sightseeing & Culture

Singapore Zoo

We visited the Singapore Zoo Saturday afternoon. There live various animals in tropical vegetation. We were able to see white tigers fed. When I first heard that polar bears were in the zoo, I felt sorry for that, but actually, I was relieved to watch them resting in a cold pool. The most exciting event was that we rode on elephants. Although it happened in only a few minutes, we could feel elephants' muscles shrinking when they walked around. The zoo was too large to watch about in a half day, but we could enjoy so much what cannot be experienced in Japan.

Sentosa Island

On Sunday, we visited Sentosa Island. I heard that in this island was fortress of English navy, where a hard battle against Japanese navy occurred. But recently, it has been developed as one of the Singapore's best resort spots. Casinos and Universal Studios of Singapore are in this island, which we couldn't visit this time. There we can enjoy various attractions, among which we played luge and others. We also visited the Singapore Aquarium.

Singaporean Food

Singaporeans consist of immigrants from various countries. Chinese, Indian, Southeast Asian and other countries' cultures coexists. The most typical feature of Singapore's culture is its food. We enjoyed Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisine. In some restaurants, it was very in English and we had hard times to order. In cafeterias of the universities, plates of muslims and non-muslims are differentiated by their color. This kind of religious attention is still very rare in Japan.

Gerald, an overseas Todai student from Singapore, just returned home during our stay and he took us Chinese 火鍋 restaurant (only Chinese was spoken!!) and water ice shop he recommended.

(Shaku, Fukushima)