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Nov 27, 2018

Yuki Okoda, Graduate Department of Physics, selected as one of BBC’s 100 Women

Professor Satoshi Yamamoto, Graduate Department of Physics



Yuki Okoda

One of our laboratory’s graduate students, Yuki Okoda (2nd year Master’s student), has been selected as one of BBC’s 100 Women. Congratulations, Yuki! BBC’s 100 Women is a project that selects women from various ages and backgrounds who have influenced people around the world. Including Okoda, two Japanese women made it onto the list this year. This news is very encouraging for young people, especially young women, who are aspiring for careers in science. As her supervisor, I am also very pleased.

Okoda is investigating the formation of planetary systems through radio-wave observation by using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). Right after entering the graduate program, Okoda conducted research under the guidance of Assistant Professor Yoko Oya and found, for the first time, a rotating disk structure that may be a precursor of a planetary system already formed around a very young protostar. This finding was announced in a press release this September and is garnering attention worldwide as it may possibly change our understanding on the origins of the solar system.

I believe that Okoda was selected for her outstanding success as a Master’s student. I hope that she will continue to show her determination and soar in her future endeavors.


For more information, please visit the BBC 100 Women 2018 article on the BBC News website:


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