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Jan 1, 2015

Number of International Students Completing Their Programs

Most international students graduating from the Faculty of Science proceed to graduate school to further enhance their specialization.
International students completing their graduate studies at the Graduate School of Science are employed in various fields, including academic research, education, and the manufacturing industry. Many of those completing the doctoral program find employment at research institutions in and outside Japan. 


 Number of International Students Employment after graduation

Program CompletedEmployment after graduationNumber
Master's Degree ProgramAcademic research, Education, Learning Support3
Master's Degree ProgramManufacturing Industry4
Master's Degree ProgramOther1
Doctoral ProgramAcademic and Development research Institute12
Doctoral ProgramEducation, Learning Support4
Doctoral Program Manufacturing Industry2
Doctoral ProgramOther1


 Number of International Students Completing Their Programs 

Academic YearProgram CompletedStudentsTotal of students
2009Undergraduate Program3 
2009Master's Degree Program5 
2009Doctoral Program4 
2009Total 12
2010Master's Degree Program11 
2010Doctoral Program6 
2010Total 17
2011Undergraduate Program7 
2011Master's Degree Program9 
2011Doctoral Program14 
2011Total 30
2012Undergraduate Program4 
2012Master's Degree Program10 
2012Doctoral Program7 
2012Total 21
2013Undergraduate Program6 
2013Master's Degree Program11 
2013Doctoral Program18 
2013Total 35
Total  115


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