Lecture by the President of the Republic of Chile

President of the Republic of Chile


March 28 (Wed)


16:45 – 18:30 (Registration: 16:00 – 16:45)


Yayoi Auditorium, Ichijo Hall


Sebastián Piñera Echeñique, President of the Republic of Chile


16:00 Registration starts
16:45 Registration ends
17:00 – 17:45
  • Opening speech
    by Junichi Hamada, President of the University of Tokyo (tentative)
  • Lecture
    by Sebastián Piñera Echeñique, President of the Republic of Chile
  • Q & A session
18:00 – 18:30 Lectures by 3 speakers in related fields
  • Prof. Kenji Satake (Earthquake Research Institute)
  • Prof. Toru Okabe (Institute of Industrial Science)
  • Prof. Yuzuru Yoshii (Graduate School of Science)
18:40 – 20:30 Information exchange among participants in related fields at Yayoi Auditorium Annex (participation fee and prior registration required; details are here)


Japanese – English simultaneous interpretation provided

Eligibility for participation

Todai students, faculty and administrative staff


250 (first come, first served; prior registration necessary)

Application due date

March 21


Application is available here. A notification of registration will be emailed to each applicant within about one week of application. An employee/student ID card and a notification of registration (either a hard copy or an email message transferred to a cell phone) must be shown at the registration desk.

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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences/College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, Earthquake Research Institute, Institute of Industrial Science, Atmosphere, and Ocean Research Institute