Sir Anthony James Leggett Visit Program 2011 - 2013

Mini-speech for the 47th School of Science Assembly on May 23, 2011

Written by Prof. Leggett
Figure 1

In 1973, at the invitation of Professor Yasushi Wada, I spent nine months at the Physics Department of the Science Faculty of Todai. I am not sure whether that did the University any good, but from my point of view it was a really pleasant experience. Because of this connection, last year I received an honorary doctorate from Todai; among the six honorary doctorates I have so far received, I attach a very special significance to this one from Todai. Further, I am committed, not just this year but also in the two coming years, to spend a month here and give a lecture course to the graduate students; I am happy at this chance to renew my connection with the Science Faculty and the Physics Department.

While the plans for these lectures were fixed last year, I feel that following the Tohoku disaster of 3/11 it is especially important for the international scientific community to support Japanese science, so I am pleased to be starting this series this particular year. I would like to thank all those, most of all Professor Fukuyama, who have helped to make this visit a reality.

Well, you really don't want to have to listen to my terrible Japanese much longer, and moreover I imagine most of you are pretty thirsty, so now let's all relax and enjoy the beer and food!