Sir Anthony James Leggett Visit Program 2011 - 2013

Graduate school special intensive course
“Exotic Superconductivity”

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In addition to lectures in the normal style, this course includes interactive lectures, during which students have the opportunity to make presentations on their current research if they wish to. After that, Prof. Leggett and the other students pose questions for the presenter to answer. Although making a presentation is not a credit earning requirement, we recommend your full participation in this activity.


  • Lecture I: May 17 - June 10 (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays)
    1st Hour(8:30-10:00) at Room #233, School of Science Bldg.1
  • Lecture II: June 7, June 9, June 10
    3rd Hour(13:00-14:30) at Room #434, School of Science Bldg.1


Room# 233(Room #434 partly), School of Science Bldg.1 Area C
Lectures will be videotaped and posted on the UT Open Course Ware.

Course description (by Prof. Leggett)

These lectures are intended as an introduction to those superconductors, all discovered since 1970s, which appear not to be well described by the traditional BCS theory; while the main emphasis will be on the most spectacular member of this class, the cuprates, I shall also discuss more briefly the heavy-fermion, organic, ruthenate and ferropnictide superconductors as well as superfluid 3He for reference. I shall try to provide a general framework for the analysis of “all-electronic” superconductivity (i.e. that in which the Cooper pairing is induced wholly or mainly by the repulsive Coulomb interaction). The level of the course is appropriate to beginning or more senior graduate students.


Master's / doctoral students enrolled at the University of Tokyo
Registration must be completed at the Graduate School Office(Room #105, School of Science Bldg. ) by May 16, 5 pm. Students enrolled at other graduate schools should consult with their graduate school office to register for this course.

Lecture details

Special Topics in Physics AI(Course code: 35603-1010)

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