The Physics Department at the University of Tokyo is one of the top-ranked in the world. The Department covers almost all of the frontier areas of modern physics, including condensed matter physics, astrophysics and cosmology, elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, atomic and molecular physics, quantum information, biophysics, and plasma physics.

One of the largest in the world, the Department has more than 130 faculty members, many internationally recognized, engaged in frontline research while also committed to guiding their students. Faculty and students are based at both the Hongo campus, where the core departmental faculty are located, and at affiliated research institutes. This enables them to conduct diverse and advanced research. The institutes also offer students and faculty opportunities to use large-scale facilities such as particle accelerators and deep space telescopes as well as equipment simulating extreme conditions.

The Department has the longest history among Japanese universities for education and research in physics, and has educated many outstanding physicists, including three Nobel Prize laureates, two within the last decade. This crowning recognition has further energized the Department's dynamic and exciting learning and research environment.