Spectacular advances have been made in astronomy recently. Research fields in astronomy are now reaching the edges of the Universe as well as its creation, in addition to delving into the origin of the Earth and even that of life.

The mission of the Astronomy Department at the University of Tokyo is to develop researchers and educators who will be at the leading edge of these new fields of research in astronomy and play central roles in international and interdisciplinary research projects. Todai graduate students in astronomy are strongly motivated to develop the willingness to challenge new tasks as well as the expertise and mind-set to open new research paths.

The Department boasts a relatively large number of faculty members and researchers, including part-time faculty from the National Astronomical Observatory and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), making the Department large even by global standards. In addition, the diverse fields covered by the faculty constitute the largest astronomy graduate course in Japan, enabling it to provide graduate students with a broad outlook on, and education in, the field of astronomy not available at other universities.