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  1. The above information is as of April 1, 2017. Since the schedule is subject to change, please check your department's website and bulletin board regularly.
  2. Courses marked with a star ★ are, in principle, conducted in English.
  3. In the Timetable, the letters "S" and "A" in the semester fields indicate that the course will be taught in either the Summer (S) or the Autumn (A) semester.
  4. Students should make all reasonable efforts prior to registration to gain more information about the courses by contacting the relevant course coordinator or prospective supervisor.

Course Descriptions (Syllabus)

For course descriptions, please visit either UTAS or the University of Tokyo Online Course Catalogue.

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  1. There are two search boxes on the UTAS Syllabus Search website; please use the first box from the top of the page.
  2. Some of the courses described as "Intensive" in the Week/Period boxes are not actually intensive courses. Please make sure to check the timetables and course descriptions as well.
Department-Specific/Common Courses Department Code
Physics course_code_35603
Astronomy course_code_35604
Earth and Planetary Science course_code_35616
Chemistry course_code_35606
Biological Sciences course_code_35617
Common Courses (except Frontier Science Courses) course_code_35620