Message from the President

Makoto Gonokami

In Japan, the structure of higher education has changed as society has matured. This has resulted in a change in the image of doctoral graduates that society needs. There is a pressing need to foster high-level doctoral graduates with the ability to identify issues, with creativity and leadership in order to solve the increasingly complex global challenges of recent years.

In light of these circumstances, the University of Tokyo is committed to promote comprehensive educational reforms. The University will first establish Graduate Schools that proactively engage in the pioneering of new academic disciplines that are interdisciplinary in nature and combine both excellence and international-mindedness. Our combined masters and doctorate degree programs such as the Advanced Leading Graduate Course for Photon Science (ALPS) will serve as important models for this “World-leading Innovative Graduate Study.” I hope many graduate students will experience the excitement and joy of the pursuit of knowledge at the forefront of research at the University, and develop themselves with significant belief in their abilities.

April 2015
Makoto Gonokami