Message from the Program Coordinator

Hiroaki Aihara

“Photon science” is an area of advanced science and technology which produces cutting-edge products while researching scientific principles. The outcomes lead not only to advanced research tools in numerous fields of natural science (e.g. elementary particle physics, space science or bioscience) but also technologies that hold up the foundations of our modern society (e.g. telecommunications, energy and the environment). An academic field with such core, innovative and intersecting characteristics is most suitable to develop the abilities required to approach the essence of issues logically and explore avenues to solve these issues from an expanded perspective.

It is our wish to run this program with care to provide our students, each brimming with the pursuit of truth, with a secure environment in which they can focus on their studies, as well as an environment which provides them with a broad range of opportunities for their future pursuits. We are looking forward to welcoming motivated students into our program.

April 2015
Hiroaki Aihara
Vice President of the University of Tokyo
Professor, Department of Physics