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Professor Shin-ichi Ohkoshi Wins Ichimura Academic Award

  • Associate Professor Yoshinori Yamanoi, Department of Chemistry
Figure 1

Professor Shin-ichi Ohkoshi in the Department of Chemistry has won the Ichimura Academic Award. The award is granted to researchers who have made great achievements in practicable research and contributions to advances in science, technology, and academic fields.

Using a novel design concept based on physical chemistry and magnetochemistry, Professor Ohkoshi has studied high frequency electromagnetic wave absorption and photoinduced phase transition, etc., for the creation of sustainable advanced functional materials that respond to light and electromagnetic waves. For instance, he discovered ε-iron oxide and its metal substitute as sustainable functional oxide material composed of ubiquitous elements such as ferrous atoms. The remarkable coercivity of the material comparable to rare-earth magnets and high frequency millimeter wave rotation has opened up the possibility of an electromagnetic wave absorber for next generation wireless communications. He also discovered a new type of titanium oxide, lambda type trititanium pentoxide, the first metal oxide exhibiting a room-temperature photoinduced phase transition, which has had a strong impact on the study of optical recording. He was the first to observe light-induced spin-crossover ferromagnetism for a new type of photomagnetic recording system, and proposed photomagnetic and electronic devices based on the new principle.

These achievements have attracted attention from the industrial world, and are expected to be put to practical use through more than 100 patent applications and patent registrations. We laud Professor Ohkoshi's outstanding research achievements and extend sincere congratulations to him for winning the prize.