Prizes & Awards
November 5, 2012

Prof. Hiroo Fukuda Wins the Medal with Purple Ribbon

  • Associate Prof. Kyoko Ito (Ohashi), Department of Biological Sciences
Figure 1

Professor Hiroo Fukuda

Professor Hiroo Fukuda in the Department of Biological Sciences won the Medal with Purple Ribbon for Fall 2012 in recognition of his longstanding research/education activities and accomplishments in the field of plant science.

Professor Fukuda has consistently worked to elucidate the mechanism of formation of vascular bundles for the modeling of plant tissue formation. In the course of his work, he has developed unique research methods and techniques, continuously publishing unprecedented and innovative research results. His recent remarkable accomplishments include the discovery of the low-molecular peptide TDIF, which plays a key role in the ordered formation of vascular bundles, the clarification of the TDIF receptor and its signaling pathway, and the discovery of master genes for xylem vessel differentiation. These pioneering accomplishments have greatly influenced phytologists in Japan and overseas, heralding new developments in the study of plants. He has most recently identified four genes governing the pattern of plant cell wall formation and extended his research to improvements in useful plants and plant biomass.

In addition to an outstanding international reputation for academic research, Professor Fukuda has pursued practical research aiming to solve environmental and energy issues, contributing greatly to the progress of plant science. We wish him continued success and extend our sincere congratulations to him for winning the Medal.