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Prof. Junichi Tsujii awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon 2010

  • Yutaka Ishikawa (Professor, Department of Information Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)
Figure 1

Prof. Junichi Tsujii

The Medal with Purple Ribbon is given to people who have made outstanding contributions in academic fields, arts and sports. Professor Junichi Tsujii is a member of the Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science; the Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology; and the University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary. He has achieved research results that are highly evaluated on a global scale, such as pioneering achievements in machine translation in the intelligent information field, especially in his research on natural language processing, as well as the development of new methods of text mining based on so-called deep language analysis and meaning.

Recent significant results include the establishment of the basis for the next-generation text mining technology, based on the deep language analysis method (a processing method handling structure and meaning) and corpus (learning data by field; a processing method by machine learning that handles a large volume of data). As an example of an application of this technology, Professor Tsujii developed the MEDIE, an intelligent search system for the life science field. For the life science field, an intelligent text mining system has been essential because of the large volume of submission on paper and the frequent merge of knowledge between different research fields. The MEDIE system has enabled advanced searches which were impossible with conventional text mining technologies.

Professor Tujii won the Medal for his longstanding and remarkable achievements in the intelligence information systems field, which is a tremendous validation of his contributions to science and technology. I extend my sincere congratulations to Professor Tsujii on winning this award and I hope to see further development in his research activities.