Prizes & Awards

Prof. Emeritus Hiizu Iwamura awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon

  • Shigeru Murata (Professor of the Department of Basic Science, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Professor of the Department of Chemistry, School of Science)
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Prof. Emeritus Hiizu Iwamura

Professor Emeritus Hiizu Iwamura was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon at the 2010 Spring Conferment of Decorations. His long-term efforts and contribution to education and research at the University of Tokyo, as well as his distinguished achievements in the field of physical organic chemistry were highly evaluated.

Professor Iwamura graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo, became a professor of the Institute for Molecular Science, and moved to the Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo in 1987. He had greatly contributed to the education, research and management at the University of Tokyo until he became a professor at the Institute for Fundamental Research of Organic Chemistry at Kyushu University in 1994. Since retiring from Kyushu University, Professor Iwamura has held prominent positions such as professorial posts at the Department of Research of the National Institution for Academic Degrees as well as at the Faculty of Liberal Arts of the Open University of Japan, and at Nihon University of Advanced Research Institute for the Sciences and Humanities.

Professor Iwamura's research is related to the design, synthesis and development of new π electron organic compounds. His series of research on molecular magnets using organic compounds are particularly highly regarded as extremely ingenious in Japan and overseas. Because of these remarkable achievements, he was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 1996. He is a recipient of many awards, including the Japan Academy Prize 2003.

In addition, Professor Iwamura has been chairman of the Committee of Validation and Examination for Degrees of the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation since 1998 and significantly contributed to the development of higher education. Furthermore, as a member of the Science Council of Japan and as the first chairman of Japan Union of Chemical Science and Technology, he concentrated his efforts on academic promotion.

I extend my sincere congratulations to Professor Emeritus Iwamura on his award winning.