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Prof. E. Nakamura wins the Medal with Purple Ribbon 2009

  • S. Kobayashi (Professor, Department of Chemistry)
Figure 1

Prof. Eiichi Nakamura

Professor Eiichi Nakamura, department of chemistry, who is also serving the leader of Global COE (Chemistry Innovation through Cooperation of Science and Engineering), received the Medal with Purple Ribbon that is awarded to people who have made outstanding contributions in academic fields, arts and sports.

Prof. Nakamura has been working on varieties of researches related to organic chemistry: he has wide-ranging research interests, such as synthetic chemistry, theoretical chemistry, and nano-science. He recently proposed the concept “Elemental Strategy” that shows a direction of Japan's science and technology as a front runner of the research field of organic synthesis using ubiquitous metal catalysis, such as iron, as an alternative of precious metals. Based on his profound insight in synthetic organic chemistry, he has also created new fullerene derivatives and pi-conjugated organic molecules and applied them to organic solar cell and organic EL device with which he is trying to contribute to the solution of energy and environmental issues.

Prof. Nakamura has also made remarkable progress in basic researches; he succeeded in observing the movement of single organic molecules using a transmission electron microscope for the first time in the world as the leader of ERATO project, which was described as “Changing the way of seeing the world” in newspaper articles.

Prof. Nakamura's scientific achievements are also appreciated all over the world: He has been given a membership of a foreign honorary member of AAAS (American Academy of Arts and Sciences). He was awarded the Humboldt Prize in 2006 and decided as a winner of one of the American Chemical Society awards 2010. I hope further development in his scientific research.