Prizes & Awards

Prof. A. Yonezawa is awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon 2009

  • Y. Ishikawa (Professor, Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science)
Figure 1

Prof. Akinori Yonezawa

The Medal with Purple Ribbon is given to people who have made outstanding contributions in academic fields, arts and sports. Prof. Akinori Yonezawa has been working on both research and practice of a new basic theory for computer software systems over a long period of time. He has made outstanding research results, which are highly appreciated worldwide: the study of computational models and programming languages based on the notion of “parallel objects” that conducts simultaneous information processing with massive CPUs as well as the study of mobile object and secure computing.

The parallel object-oriented technology is used for the Second Life and the Twitter system on the internet, and is used for implementation of a molecular dynamics simulator in the computational science field. In recent years, the molecular dynamics simulator has been used for development of new medicines for the new influenza virus.

Prof. Yonezawa won the Medal for his longstanding and remarkable achievements in both theory and practice of the parallel object-oriented technology, which is a tremendous validation of his contributions to science and technology.