Prizes & Awards

Prof. K. Iwatsuki has received the Order of the Sacred Treasure

  • J. Murata (Professor, Department of Biological Sciences)
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Emeritus Prof. Kunio Iwatsuki

Emeritus Prof. Kunio Iwatsuki received the Gold and Silver Star of the Order of the Sacred Treasure 2009.

Prof. Iwatsuki was born in Hyogo prefecture and graduated from the Faculty of Science, Kyoto University. After the position as a professor at Kyoto University, he devoted himself to research and education as a professor of the Botanical Gardens, School of Science, The University of Tokyo from 1981. He worked as a member of the Board of Directors of the University of Tokyo for 2 years and as the director of the Botanical Gardens for 10 years. After reaching the mandatory retirement age, he taught at Rikkyo University and the Open University of Japan and currently is the director of Museum of Nature and Human Activities in Hyogo prefecture. In 1994, Prof. Iwatsuki won the Duke of Edinburgh Prize presented by the Japan Academy for his “Systematic Study of Plant Biodiversity and Conservation Biology on Threatened Species”. He was also named a Person of Cultural Merit in 2007.

Prof. Iwatsuki achieved remarkable results in the studies of the systematics of pteridophytes, flora of East Asia and Southeast Asia, molecular systematics of vascular plants, and conservation of plant diversity. He also held both domestic and international positions such as a member of the Science Council of Japan, representative of Japan for International Union of Biological Sciences, director of Botanical Society of Japan, director of Japanese Society for Plant Systematics, director of Japan Association of Botanical Gardens, expert member of Science Council of Japan, and its member of Environmental Conservation Committee, through which he contributed to education and measures that promote a better understanding of plants in society. Furthermore, he has been conducting activities to raise awareness for conservation and earth environment issues of biodiversity by writing many different dissemination and specialized books. We wish him continued success and the best of luck with everything.