Prizes & Awards

Prof. Tohru Eguchi Receives Imperial Prize & Japan Academy Prize 2009

  • Y. Matsuo (Associate Professor, Department of Physics)
Figure 1

Professor Emeritus Tohru Eguchi

Prof. Tohru Eguchi who used to work as a professor at the School of Science over many years, currently the director of Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics of Kyoto University, has been awarded the Imperial Prize & the Japan Academy Prize 2009. We are very happy to extend to him our sincere congratulations on winning the prizes.

As mentioned in the “Reason to be awarded”, Prof. Eguchi has made a huge achievement in mathematical physics research of elementary particles theory. In particular, the exact solution of general-relativity discovered through the joint research with Dr. A.J. Hanson of the University of California is well known as Eguchi-Hanson metric, which is widely used in superstring theory even now. A review paper on gravity theory published at that time has also been read by students and researchers worldwide. After he had been assigned to the University of Tokyo, he discovered how to reduce the dimensional degree of freedom in lattice gauge theory to internal degree of freedom through the joint research with Prof. Hikaru Kawai who is now a professor at Kyoto University. The achievement they had made greatly influenced the development of elementary particles theory later on. In addition, Prof. Eguchi has made well-known achievements in varieties of fields such as conformal field theory, topological field theory and superstring theory; he has been active as the leader of research on superstring theory.

Prof. Eguchi is famous for his illuminating lectures on cutting-edge research and is playing a leading role in fostering of researchers and creating academic exchanges with mathematicians.