17 substances added to list of drugs regulated by Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

17 substances have been recently regulated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. The date of enforcement is Nov. 16, 2012.

  1. JWH-398
  2. UR-144
  3. AM2232
  4. α-PVP
  5. XLR-11
  6. MAM-2201
  7. BMDP
  8. JWH-182
  9. Bufedolone
  10. JWH-122 derivative
  11. Disethylpyrobaleron
  12. 4-methylamphetamine
  13. JWH-007
  14. MDPBP
  15. RCS-4 ortho isomer
  16. 25I-NBOMe
  17. AM679
  • Store and handle the regulated substances properly as poisonous/deleterious substances.
  • When purchasing the substances, you must submit a written Confirmation on Purpose of Use.

The list of the regulated substances in Japanese is here.

Environmental Safety Management Office
School of Science
The University of Tokyo