Period for submission of dissertations by students who intend to complete the doctoral program in March 2013

Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo

Students in the final portion of the doctoral program who intend to complete the program in March 2013 should take the following steps in submitting their dissertations upon direction from their academic advisor and head of department.

1. Eligibility

Students who entered or advanced into the final portion of the doctoral program prior to April 1, 2010 and are scheduled to complete the program on March 25, 2013

2. Documents to be submitted including the dissertation

(a) Dissertation 1 (temporary binding acceptable)
[Papers for reference (only where required) 1copy]
(b) Dissertation abstract 3 copies and electronic data
(c) Resume
(designated form)
3 (including 1 photocopy)
(d) Dissertation table of contents
(designated form)
3 (including 1 photocopy)
(e) Letter of consent and acceptance
(no prescribed format)
2 (including 1 photocopy)
:Required only if there are joint authors or researchers
(b) Dissertation abstracts for dissertations awarded the Ph.D. will be published in "The University of Tokyo Doctorial Dissertation Database." Please submit abstracts in 2 formats — paper and electronic data.

3. "Guideline for Ph.D. Candidates" and designated form (Japanese text only)

The guideline and form, which will be also available at the School's website, will be distributed at the Graduate School Office from Monday, October 15.

School of Science website:

4. Period for submission of dissertations

December 18 (Tue) /19 (Wed) / 20 (Thurs)
There is a strict deadline for submissions, and absolutely no submissions will be accepted after the deadline.

Submissions will be accepted from 9:30 to 11:30 am / from 1:30 to 4:30 pm.

5. Place for submission of dissertations

Applicants should submit the documents in person to room 205, 2nd floor, Science Bldg.1.

Graduate School Office
School of Science
The University of Tokyo