4 substances newly-regulated as narcotics

MEXT* designated the substances listed below as narcotics on July 4:

1. Details of the MEXT announcement

1) Substances newly-regulated as narcotics are as follows:

  1. JWH - 018
  2. Cannabicyclohexanol
  3. 4 - Methylmethocachinone, Mephedolone
  4. MDPV

2) Date of enforcement: August 3, 2012

2. Things to remember when handling narcotics for experiments/research

  1. A license is necessary to use narcotics. Users will be obliged to record, store, and manage narcotics properly.
  2. For a license and how-to-handle-narcotics, consult the Environmental Safety Management Office.
  3. For the internal administrative procedures, refer to the notice announced on Jan. 16, 2012 (available only in Japanese): 「研究者が留意すべき麻薬に関する手続きについて」
*MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
Environmental Safety Management Office
School of Science
The University of Tokyo