On-campus accident prevention measures (Aug. 2012)

Sightings of suspicious individuals and cases of theft tend to increase when the campuses become quieter than usual in August. Thirteen cases of theft were reported last year from August through September. Prevention measures for each lab/office are as follows:

  • Make sure to lock the entrance doors.
  • Do not keep unnecessary/non-urgent cash in laboratories/offices.
  • Speak to strangers hanging around your lab/office and confirm their identities.
  • Report emergencies/suspicious incidents or individuals to the relevant office(s).

During the summer break (Aug. - Sep.), cases of students being admitted to hospital due to acute alcohol poisoning frequently occur. This happens not only at the University of Tokyo, but also at other universities, where students have died because of heavy drinking. Please note that excessive drinking of alcohol could lead to your death.

Keywords for August:
  • Suspicious individuals on campus
  • Cases of theft
  • Acute alcohol poisoning
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