Safety inspections by industrial physicians on July 5 (Thu)

Pursuant to the Industrial Safety and Health Law, safety inspections by industrial physicians will be conducted in the places shown below:

Date & Time Thursday, July 5, 9:30-12:00
Place Science Bldg.1 Area C (10F and 11F)
Science Bldg.1 Area W (3F and 11F)
ex. Science Bldg.1 (B1F - 4F)
Inspection order Science Bldg.1 Area C (9:30-9:50)
Science Bldg.1 Area W (9:50-10:30)
ex. Science Bldg.1 (10:30-12:00)
  • Inspection order (time) is subject to change.
  • Rooms being used for seminars/lectures/meetings as well as professors' rooms will not be inspected.
  • Vacant rooms will also be visited.
  • For laboratories, the presence of one of the lab members is required. If this causes inconvenience, please let us know before the inspections.
  • Laboratories with problems that were pointed out during last year's inspections should ensure that appropriate measures have been taken.

The following are some of the important points for the inspections:

For laboratories

  1. The name of the person in charge of the hood chamber must be posted on or near the chamber.
  2. A warning notice must be posted at the entrance of a laboratory where organic substances are used.
  3. Cylinders must be securely fixed to prevent them from falling over sideways.
  4. Nothing must be eaten or drunk in a laboratory where heavy metals (e.g. chemical substances, lead, etc.) are used.

General points

  1. Save electricity.
    (e.g. Controlling the preset temperature of an air-conditioner)
  2. Turn off some of the indoor lights.
  3. Take fall-prevention measures for furniture such as shelves, lockers, etc.
  4. Keep rooms clean and tidy.
    • Dispose of unnecessary cardboard boxes.
    • Do not put too many things on a desk.
    • Do not put things or garbage (except garbage bins) in the corridors.
  5. Portable outlets on the walls must be securely fixed.
  6. Do not connect too many wires to an outlet.
  7. Fire extinguishers must be placed at the designated places at all times.
  8. Cables on the floor must be properly covered.
Environmental Safety Management Office
School of Science
The University of Tokyo