Measures to prevent student accidents

From January through March, students tend to overwork, writing dissertations for their master/doctoral degrees. On-going fatigue and lack of sleep could cause accidents and/or poor health. To prevent accidents on campus, please refer to the following:

Case 1: January 2000
A student was taken to hospital by ambulance when writing a dissertation. (Diagnosed as overwork)
Case 2: January 2009
A student fell over while riding a bicycle and this resulted in a cleft jaw. (Lack of sleep due to excessive experiments on weekends for a dissertation)
Case 3: February 2010
A student was taken to hospital by ambulance after working in the lab until exhausted. (Overwork caused by trying to achieve high-level experimental data in a short time)
Case 4: January 2011
A student was taken to hospital by ambulance at night. (The student became pale and suddenly collapsed in the lab.)

Prevention measures (for students):

  • Conduct experiments in a planned manner so that you do not have to conduct experiments at night (21:00 – 07:00) or on weekends.
  • If you do have to conduct experiments at night/on weekends because they are unavoidable, you should receive instructions from your supervisor before conducting them. (Do not work alone in the lab.)
  • Do not conduct experiments when feeling that you lack sleep or are exhausted.
  • Confirm the emergency contact list of your lab.
Environmental Safety Management Office
School of Science
The University of Tokyo