Energy-saving measures for this summer

June 27, 2012
Dean of the School of Science
General Manager of the School of Science

In accordance with the University's energy-saving measures, the School announced the Measures toward Continued Power Saving as well as Normalization of Education and Research Activities on September 28, 2011. Following on from this announcement, we would like to announce the additional measures below for this summer:

1. Power saving measures for this summer (Jul. - Sep.)

We appreciate your cooperation on power saving. The government announced the power availability for this summer, and the University's response to this was released on June 14. See the website below for details (Japanese only):

2. The University's response

The following are the reasons and measures for power saving:

  • Significant price rise in electricity charges
  • Government control of contracted (reserved) power consumption
  • TSCP* goals for power saving:
    • Goal 1 (on-peak energy): 20% decrease from the same month in 2011
    • Goal 2 (monthly power consumption): 15% decrease from the same month in 2011
  • TSCP* leads and supports the power saving activities on campus.

3. The School's response

  1. There are no limitations on the use of elevators, but we suggest using stairs instead of an elevator when going up or down to the nearest floor.
  2. Other efficient measures such as the detailed measures for power saving for each room (see attached PDF file — Japanese only) should be taken unless they affect the School's education/research activities.
General Affairs Office
School of Science
The University of Tokyo