How to handle poisonous/deleterious substances

November 14, 2011

At a university outside of Todai, a missing bottle of poisonous substance caused an incident, which happened because the user of the bottle forgot to return it back to the storage. Also, theft of poisonous substances has occurred at Todai in the past. In response to this, we have made some points to remember when handling poisonous/deleterious substances in a laboratory:

  • Keep them in a locked storage/freezer/refrigerator.
  • The key(s) of the locked storage/freezer/refrigerator should be kept by the manager – faculty/administrative staff – of the laboratory.
  • Keep them distinctive from other reagents.
  • Label the storage/reagent bottle(s) that contain them as "No pharmaceutical use."
  • After using them, return them to the storage immediately.
  • Register them in the UTCRIS (University of Tokyo Chemical Registration Information System) and enter each usage record.
  • Check the stock periodically – more than once a year.
  • Dispose of unnecessary chemicals immediately.
Environmental Safety Management Office
School of Science
The University of Tokyo