Disposal of unregistered bicycles/motorbikes in January 2012

(Warning period: October 3 - 17, 2011 )

To park a bicycle/motorbike on campus, you must register it annually. Bicycles/motorbikes that have not been registered for FY2011 parking will be disposed of after the designated warning/storage period shown below.

January 2012 disposal schedule

Sep. 26 Announcement on disposal by the university
Oct. 3 - 5 Warning notices will be attached to unregistered bicycles/motorbikes.
Oct. 17 Last day of the warning period
Oct. 19 - 26 Unregistered bicycles/motorbikes will be moved to a designated place and kept there until November 20.
Nov. 21 Stolen bicycles/motorbikes will be confirmed.
Nov. 24 - Dec. 8 Bicycle/motorbike owners will be confirmed through the university website.
Dec. 1 The university will contact identified owners.
Jan. 18-20 Unregistered bicycles/motorbikes will be disposed of.

Note )Disposal schedule is subject to change.

Disposal of unregistered bicycles/motorbikes on campus

  1. Warning notices will be attached to unregistered bicycles/motorbikes.
  2. If you own an unregistered bicycle/motorbike, you must register it and remove the warning notice from your bicycle/motorbike by October 17.
  3. Bicycle(s)/motorbike(s) parked on campus with a warning notice will be disposed of.

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Environment Group, Facilities Department, the University of Tokyo

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