Commencement and Graduation Ceremony — Fall 2011

The following are the details of the Commencement and Graduation Ceremony — Fall 2011, which will be conducted in English. For the Japanese text of this notice, please visit the website below.

1. Date & time

September 27 (Tuesday), 10:00 - 11:10

2. Venue

Yasuda Auditorium

(Eligibility for attendance:
- relevant students and their family members as well as the related faculty/administrative staff)

3. Ceremony

- for students completing academic programs at Todai or graduating from Todai from April to September 2011

4. Program

10:00 Music Performance
10:15 Opening
10:15 Commencement
10:35 Baccalaureate Address by the President of the University
10:50 Return Address by the Student Representative
11:00 Group Singing of the University Song
11:10 Closing

Note) Yasuda Auditorium will be open to the general public after the ceremony until 12:00 noon.

General Affairs Group
The University of Tokyo