How to handle on-/off-campus mail

The following are the university-wide instructions on how to deal with mail on campus.

1) Sender/receiver information must be written clearly.

Letters and parcels without detailed information on the envelopes are treated as "Address Unknown Mail" and returned to the senders. When sending mail to internal or external places, please ensure that you write the information listed below:

  • Name
  • Department / Office
  • Faculty / Graduate School / Institute / Center
  • Phone number (only when delivered by U-pack (Japan Post door-to-door delivery service) or other door-to-door delivery services)

2) Internal mail

In principle, internal mail should be "official documents, administrative communication, and general items necessary for handling tasks. It is prohibited to send the items listed below by internal mail:

medicines, hazardous substances, valuables, cash/marketable securities, certificates, confidential documents, food, and/or fragile items

3) When the receiver's affiliation and room location are different

If the receiver uses other faculty/graduate school's room instead of the faculty/graduate school he/she belongs to, it takes time or is impossible to identify the right receiver. To prevent wrong deliveries, please ensure that the necessary information for mail delivery is shared between the mail handling staff and the room users.

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