Continued power saving/normalization of education and research activities

September 28, 2011
Dean, School of Science
General Manager, School of Science

Following the 3rd notice on the School's response to the Great East Japan Earthquake announced by the dean as of March 30, 2011, the School will take the measures listed below toward continued power saving as well as normalization of education and research activities.

1. Power saving policy from September

We very much appreciate your cooperation on power saving necessitated by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Thanks to your cooperation, the University was able to get through the most electricity-consuming months of the year: July and August. On August 30, METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) announced less restricted measures for power saving. In response to this, the university announced its policy on September 15 (Japanese text only):

2. The University's policy

  • In line with the power saving target, which aims at a reduction of peak hour electricity to 30% of that from July of the previous year, please keep saving power until the university starts using heating in winter. This should be done within a scope that does not affect the university's education and research activities.
  • In preparation for next year's power saving policy, please take measures such as arranging more effective facility maintenance by making good use of the money saved through this year's power saving. Upon request, technical support by the university will be provided.

3. The School's policy

Based on the university's policy, the School has taken various measures for power saving. In consideration of the effect of each measure, the School decided to take the following measures:

  • The usage restriction on elevators will be completely lifted.
  • Other effective measures such as consumption control of lighting, air-conditioners, and/or computers should be continued as long as it does not affect the School's education and research activities.

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