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申込方法 Register - STEP10
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申込資格 Registrant qualifications


A graduate student who is currently enrolled at one of the following graduate schools:

  • 北海道大学大学院 Hokkaido University
    • 理学院 Graduate school of science
    • 生命科学院 Graduate School of Life Science
    • 総合化学院 Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering
  • 東北大学大学院 Tohoku University
    • 理学研究科 Graduate School of Science
  • 筑波大学大学院 University of Tsukuba
    • 数理物質科学研究科 Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences
    • 生命環境科学研究科 Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences
  • 東京大学大学院 The University of Tokyo
    • 理学系研究科 Graduate School of Science
    • 数理科学研究科 Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences
    • 情報理工学系研究科 Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
  • 東京工業大学大学院 Tokyo Institute of Technology
    • 理学院 School of Science
    • 生命理工学院 School of Life Science and Technology
    • 情報理工学院 School of Computing
  • 名古屋大学大学院 Nagoya University
    • 理学研究科 Graduate School of Science
    • 多元数理科学研究科 Graduate School of Mathematics
    • 環境学研究科地球科学系 Graduate School of Environmental Studies
  • 京都大学大学院 Kyoto University
    • 理学研究科 Graduate School of Science
  • 大阪大学大学院 Osaka University
    • 理学研究科 Graduate School of Science
    • 情報科学研究科 Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
    • 生命機能研究科 Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences
  • 広島大学大学院 Hiroshima University
    • 理学研究科 Graduate School of Science
  • 九州大学大学院 Kyushu University
    • 理学府 Graduate School of Sciences
    • 数理学府 Graduate School of Sciences

申込手順 Registration procedures

1. 講義を探し、聴講候補リストにいれる
Choose courses you wish to take and put them into your "List of Favorite Courses."

  1. ページ上部の「大学別一覧」「日程一覧」から、講義を探します
    Search for courses you wish to take by clicking on the tabs Universities or Courses displayed on the front page of the STEP10 website. Click on course title(s) and the course descriptions will appear.
  2. 「現在の希望状況」の「候補リストに追加する」をクリックして、聴講候補リストに追加します
    Add them to your "List of Favorite Courses" by clicking on "Add to Favorite Courses," which will appear in the "Current status" box. The courses you have chosen will appear in the "List of Favorite Courses" box on the right of the screen. If the "Current status" box does not display "Add to Favorite Courses," the course you have chosen cannot be added to your "List of Favorite Courses."

2. 聴講申請を提出する
Submit your course registration.

  1. 聴講候補リストの下の「聴講申請を出す」をクリックします
    Click on "Submit" at the bottom of the "List of Favorite Courses" box. The courses you have chosen will appear.
  2. 内容を確認して、「次へ進む」をクリックします
    Check the details and click on "Continue."
  3. 「アカウントを作成される方」の下のフォームに記入して、「アカウントを作成して次へ進む」をクリックします
    Complete the form shown under "Create an Account" and click on "Continue." You should create a student account here, which is necessary when signing up for courses. Once you create an account, you can login from "For Those with an Account" from your second visit and on.
  4. 申請内容を確認して、「提出」をクリックします
    Confirm the details you have filled in and click on "Submit." If you have created an account, an e-mail notification that informs you of your password will be sent to you.

3. 承認メールを待つ
Wait for the e-mail that confirms your course registration.


Once your course registration is submitted, the administrative staff in charge will process it. Upon completion of the registration process, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you. Please wait until you receive it.

4. 聴講許可証を印刷し、講義を聴講する
Print out the auditor permit and attend the course(s) you have signed up for.


You can print out a temporary audit permit right after submitting an online course registration. Upon completion of the administrative process, an auditor permit will be available for printing. When you attend a course, make sure that you take your auditor permit (or temporary auditor permit) with you to the venue or lecture room and receive a seal for the date of attendance from either the staff or member of faculty in charge.

  1. 画面右に「聴講希望者ログイン」と表示されている場合は、アカウント作成時に入力したメールアドレスとパスワードを入力し、「ログイン」をクリックします
    If the "Log in" box is displayed on the right of the screen, click on "Log in" after entering the e-mail address and password you used when creating an account. If you see "Logged in" on the right of the screen, click on "List of Registered Courses."
  2. 「聴講を申請している講義」から聴講許可証/仮聴講許可証を印刷します
    Print out your auditor permit (or temporary auditor permit) from "Courses You Have Registered." Audit permits are available for printing only when "Print this audit permit" or "Print this temporary audit permit" are displayed on the screen.

How to cancel a course you have signed up for


If it is within the registration period, you can cancel the course you have already signed up for.

注意事項 Notes

  • 本プログラムは研究指導の一環です。
    This program is part of research guidance.
  • 原則として、聴講のみで単位の取得はできません。
    As a general rule, students can audit courses but cannot receive credits for taking courses provided by STEP10.
  • 旅費が支給される場合もあります。
    Depending on the situation, travel expenses may be provided.

For more information, please contact the Graduate School office of your institution.

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