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STEP10とは About

Student Exchange Promotion Program for Graduate Schools of Science of The 10 National Universities (STEP10)は、国立大学法人10大学理学部長会議(北海道大学、東北大学、筑波大学、東京大学、東京工業大学、名古屋大学、京都大学、大阪大学、広島大学、九州大学の理学部長からなる組織)が、よりグローバルでより多様な科学人材育成のために設置した、大学間連携学生交流プログラムです。 10大学が協力して、他大学学生も聴講できる授業科目を相互に設けることにより、大学の枠を超えた教育・研究を促進することを目指しています。

学生諸君には、「武者修行」や「道場破り」のような意気込みで積極的に本プログラムに参加し、自己研鑽を積むとともに知的交流を体験し、既存の大学の枠から踏み出して自主的に学ぶことを強く望みます。 チャレンジをいとわない創造力にあふれた学生諸君の存在こそが、我が国の力強い成長の源であると信じます。 STEP10 は、次代を担う科学人材育成を使命とする国立10大学理学部の新たなステップです。

STEP10* is an inter-university student exchange program established by the Conference for Deans of the 10 National Universities' Graduate Schools of Science — Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, University of Tsukuba, the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Hiroshima University, and Kyushu University — for the cultivation of more global and diverse human resources in scientific fields. The goal of this program is to promote education and research that go beyond the boundaries of a university by offering inter-university courses through the cooperation of the 10 universities.

We sincerely hope that students will participate actively in this program with the spirit of Mushashugyo (Itinerant martial arts training conducted in old Japan) or Dojoyaburi * (A custom from old Japan in which martial arts trainees would take up the challenge to prove their skills to a martial art training school) so that they will not only be able to practice brainstorming but also experience intellectual exchanges, which will enable them to study independently by stepping out of the existing frame of their own university. We believe that the very existence of students who are not afraid of new challenges and who are full of creativity is a powerful source for Japan's growth. STEP10 is a new step for the 10 National Universities' Graduate Schools of Science whose mission is to inspire young scientists into becoming leaders of the next generation.

Student Exchange Promotion Program for Graduate Schools of Science of the 10 National Universities
It is believed that martial arts trainees challenged other training schools all alone either to make their name or to go down in deadly defeat

注意事項 Notes

  • 本プログラムは研究指導の一環です。
    This program is part of research guidance.
  • 原則として、聴講のみで単位の取得はできません。
    As a general rule, students can audit courses but cannot receive credits for taking courses provided by STEP10.
  • 旅費が支給される場合もあります。
    Depending on the situation, travel expenses may be provided.

For more information, please contact the Graduate School office of your institution.

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