The UTRIP Experience

Gobind Singh(Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)

This summer, I got a chance to intern at Professor Masaki Ando's lab through the
UTRIP program. My work focused on characterizing noise sources in a torsion pendulum arising from imperfections in the system. With TOBA being proposed by the Ando lab as an alternative to the LIGO at 0.1-10 Hz,characterizing noise sources would be crucial. This project was a unique opportunity to experience Engineering Physics, my major at its fullest. Apart from the scientific exposure, Japan provided me a cultural exposure as well. Exploring Tokyo's streets, participating in traditional Japanese practices and meeting different people and understanding their worldviews has added a new dimension to my personality. I thank the Graduate School of Science, the UTRIP office and Prof Masaki Ando for hosting me. I surely believe that this summer has been one of the most memorable ones for me.

Creating bonsai at the Japanese Culture Workshop







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