Dreams Fulfilled in the Land of the Rising Sun

 Iulia-Madalina Streanga (University of Edinburgh)

Trying on a kimono at the Japanese Culture Workshop

The UTRIP programme provided me with the chance of pursuing research for the first time at a leading institution in the geosciences field. My project was focused on the analysis of the Java upwelling system and its representation in a set of climate models. It was a unique opportunity of applying theoretical aspects learned at my home university and also of learning new concepts and practical methods. But my experience in Japan was unique from so many points of view – my first trip to Asia, the first time I had to properly use chopsticks, the first traditional Japanese tea ceremony and kimono-wearing session – besides so many other small daily things that made my time here an invaluable journey of self-discovery and immersion into a culture and setting so different to the ones I have been used to. I feel gratitude towards the entire team who so warmly welcomed us in Japan and supported us throughout the programme, always ensuring that we were having a wonderful time. This summer I have laid strong foundations for my future career pathway, while also personally growing in a challenging environment.










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