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竹内 秀明 (たけうち ひであき)

竹内 秀明
Title Research Associate
Affiliation Department of Biological Sciences (Zoological Science), Graduate School of Science

Room 41, Faculty of Science Bldg.2, BF
TEL +81-3-5841-4448
24448 (ext.)

Research Field

Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Behavioral biology

Research Subject

Analysis of Social Behaviors by Using Combination of Molecular Biological Approach and Mathematical Modeling.

Current Research

To clarify both molecular/neural basis and brain information processing underlying social interactions in vertebrates, we have focused on Medaka fish and established novel behavior systems to assess social interactions (schooling behavior, individual recognition, group-escape and group-learning). Using these systems we are planning to identify internal factors (genes, neural networks, and brain regions) essential for vertebrate social interactions using transgenic medaka systems. On the other hand, to estimate brain information processing underlying social interactions, we developed a mathematical modeling, which could explain actual fish movement. Our eventual purpose is to identify the internal factors, which can correspond to “modules and/or parameters” in the algorithms using a combined mathematical modeling and molecular biological approach. Furthermore I have investigated the molecular/neural basis underlying invertebrate social behavior (honeybee) and searched the conserved neural mechanism between the vertebrate and invertebrate.


Social Behavior, Gene, brain, neuron, Social interaction