OHKOSHI, Shin-ichi

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大越慎一 (おおこし しんいち)
OHKOSHI, Shin-ichi

Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science

Room 0106, Chemistry East Bldg.
TEL +81-3-5841-4331
24331 (ext.)

Research Field

Physical Chemistry, Magnetic Chemistry, Photochemistry, Coordination Chemistry

Research Subject

(1) Design and synthesis of functional magnets (2) Development of novel magnetic phenomena based on metal oxide magnets (3) Nonlinear optics in ferromagnetic materials

Current Research

We are working to open a new field of research in physical chemistry, with a focus on the creation of new materials, especially ferromagnets, search for novel approaches for magneto-spectroscopy, and their industrial applications.


Magnetism, Molecule-based magnet, Metal complex, Photomagnetism, Nonlinear magneto-optical effect, Magneto-electric effect, Surface magnetism, Millimeter-wave absorber