KANO, Naokazu

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狩野 直和 (かのう なおかず)
KANO, Naokazu

狩野 直和
Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science

Room 2302, Chemistry West Bldg. 3F
TEL +81-3-5841-4341
24341 (ext.)

Research Field

Main Group Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Research Subject

Construction of a new type of chemical bonds, control of properties of main group element compounds, synthesis of photoresponsive compounds

Current Research

My research interests encompass (i) construction of a new type of chemical bonds between two hypercoordinated atoms and elucidation of their properties for new paradigms of molecular structure, (ii) synthesis of fluorescent compounds powered by main group elements, and (iii) control of chemical reaction processes and properties based on the structural change by utilization of photoswitching methods.


Main group chemistry, Hypervalent compound, Fluorescent compound, Structural chemistry, Organic chemistry