UT-mate Online Registration

What is UT-mate?

UT-mate is a university-wide online registration system available to third- and fourth-year undergraduate students and graduate students. Students can use UT-mate, either on campus or at home, to sign up for courses, check their academic records, and/or update changes in personal data such as their current address.

You can use UT-mate to do the following:

Personal Data Check/change registered address
Any changes in your contact details (e.g. address) must be updated since your data may be used by the University to contact you.
Course Registration Sign up for courses during the registration period announced by the School of Science (*Registration periods are decided and announced on a semester basis.)
Academic Records View academic grades for the courses registered through UT-mate
Acquired Credits Check the total number of credits you have acquired to date
Syllabuses View syllabuses

A user ID and password, which are provided to each student with a student ID card, are necessary to use the system.



  1. Make sure that you read the "UT-mate User Manual for Students."
  2. Use the initial password given in the Password Notification sent to you from the School of Science when logging in for the first time. For security reasons, however, you should change the initial password to a new one of your choice. It is your own responsibility to keep your password safe to prevent theft and fraudulent use.

UT-mate Manual: