Professor Shin-ichi Ohkoshi receives Mukai Award - School of Science, the University of Tokyo
May 17, 2017

Professor Shin-ichi Ohkoshi receives Mukai Award

Associate Professor Yoshinori Yamanoi, Department of Chemistry



Prof. Shin-ichi Ohkoshi

Professor Shin-ichi Ohkoshi of the Department of Chemistry has received the 28th Mukai Award, which is given annually to one scientist who has made significant contributions to basic science, applied science, and the promotion of scientific technology with their pioneering and original research.

Professor Ohkoshi’s research focuses on solid state phase transition and his innovative design concepts have furthered the field of advanced functional materials. He has synthesized hundreds of metal complex magnetic materials exhibiting various novel phenomena, including humidity-sensitive magnets, photo-induced spin-crossover ferromagnets, and chiral photomagnets showing magnetization-induced second harmonic generation. He has also developed functional and sustainable metal oxide materials from abundant elements such as iron. For example, he synthesized epsilon iron oxide to create the world’s smallest ferrite magnet, exhibiting the largest coercive field among ferrite magnets and the highest frequency millimeter wave absorption. These materials have gained international recognition as the next-generation of high-density recording materials and millimeter-wave absorption materials. Furthermore, Professor Ohkoshi has discovered a new type of titanium oxide (lambda type trititanium pentoxide: λ-Ti3O5), which is the first metal oxide to show photo-induced phase transition at room temperature. Based on this finding, he proposed a new concept of ceramics that can store heat for a prolonged period of time, “heat storage ceramics,” which has substantial implications for society.

Professor Ohkoshi’s innovative research has received considerable academic acclaim worldwide for bringing a new perspective to the field of materials science. With 170 patents in both Japan and overseas, his work has also garnered much attention from industry. We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to Professor Ohkoshi for his research achievements and for winning the Mukai Award.

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