Professor Eiichi Nakamura in the Department of Chemistry Wins the Fujiwara Award - School of Science, the University of Tokyo
May 27, 2014

Professor Eiichi Nakamura in the Department of Chemistry Wins the Fujiwara Award

Associate Professor Hayato Tsuji, Department of Chemistry



We are pleased to announce that Professor Eiichi Nakamura in the Department of Chemistry has won the 55th Fujiwara Award. Every year since 1960, when its first awards ceremony was held, the Fujiwara Foundation of Science has granted the award to two researchers who have made distinguished contributions to the development of science and technology. Past recipients of the award from the School of Science include Professor Teruaki Mukaiyama, the late Professor Hiroo Inokuchi, and Professor Hiizu Iwamura in the field of chemistry, and also to the late Professor Ryogo Kubo, Professor Masatoshi Koshiba, and other eminent researchers.

Professor Nakamura's achievements range from reaction chemistry and synthetic chemistry to material science and nanoscience. He started the study of the reaction mechanism of organocopper compounds by means of experimental and theoretical methods in the 1980s. Based on the study, he proposed "the element strategy" which does not use rare earth metals, establishing a global trend. He currently leads the world in the development of a novel catalytic synthetic organic method using ubiquitous metals such as iron. With his long years of study of synthetic organic chemistry, he has developed fullerene derivatives and π-conjugated system organic materials. With an eye to energy and resource problems, he has focused his study on organic photovoltaics and organic EL elements. He has also made outstanding achievements in basic research; he was the first to succeed in observing molecular movements and chemical reactions in real time by an electron microscope. Professor Nakamura received the Fujiwara Award that follows the Royal Society of Chemistry Centenary Prize 2014. We wish him continued success in his research.

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