International Workshop “Condensed Matter Physics Meets High Energy Physics” - School of Science, the University of Tokyo
Feb 3, 2010

International Workshop “Condensed Matter Physics Meets High Energy Physics”

Monday, 8th - Friday 12th February, 2010

Hosted by and held at the Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU) of the University of Tokyo, Kashiwa campus, in cooperation with the Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP) of the University of Tokyo.

The interdisciplinary workshop, in the series “IPMU Focus Week”, has been organized with the following concept.

Beautiful ideas developed by theorists in one area of physics often have unexpected applications in others. Quantum field theory is an outstanding example. As the basic language of both condensed matter physics and high energy physics, it has provided fertile ground for interactions of the two areas of physics, and common techniques using renormalization, symmetry, topology and integrability have been developed. Recently, the AdS/CFT correspondence has opened a new interface between condensed matter physics and quantum gravity.

Hence the present workshop brings together the two communities to share ideas, identify common problems and develop new techniques to solve them. We are planning various arrangements to enhance interactions of condensed matter physicists and high energy physicists, including tutorial lectures and ample time for informal exchanges. Topics will include quantum criticality, quantum liquid, topological order, integrable systems, graphene, relativistic and non-relativistic conformal field theories and their holographic descriptions.

The workshop is the first international conference held at the new IPMU building on the Kashiwa campus of the University of Tokyo.

The organizing committee is co-chaired by Prof. Hideo Aoki (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo) and Prof. Hirosi Ooguri (Caltech & IPMU, University of Tokyo), with Masaki Oshikawa (ISSP, University of Tokyo), Shinsei Ryu (University of California at Berkeley), and Tadashi Takayanagi (IPMU, University of Tokyo) as other members.

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To attend the workshop, pre-registration is requied.

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The program is the following, but please visit the above website for the latest info.

Monday, 8th February

Registration & 8:45-

Welcome Address: Hirosi Ooguri

Opening Remarks: Yasuhiro Iye (Director, ISSP)

Mon-0 Son, Dam
9:30--10:30 (Pedagogical Lecture)

Mon-1 Aoki, Hideo
11:00--12:00 How can condensed-matter problems interact with field theoretic ideas --- an overview

Mon-2 Kachru, Shamit
14:00--15:00 Density matrix elements at finite temperatures

Mon-3 Avishai, Yshai
15:30--16:00 Electron in the Field of Magnetic Monopole: Tight-Binding Solution

Mon-4 Yarom, Amos
16:00--16:30 Large N superfluids

Mon-5 Read, Nick

Tuesday, 9th February

Tue-0 Wen, Xiao-Gang
9:00--10:00 Collective modes and topologcal defects in a topological phase -- A unification of gauge interaction and Fermi statistics (Pedagogical Lecture)

Tue-1 Fujimoto, Satoshi
10:30--11:30 Topological Phases of Noncentrosymmetric Superconductors and Superfluids

Tue-2 Nishimura, Jun
11:30--12:00 Precision test of the gauge/gravity duality from first principles

Tue-3 Hartnoll, Sean

Tue-4 Nakamura, Shin
15:30--16:00 Gravity Dual of Spatially Modulated Phase

Tue-5 Hatsugai, Yasuhiro
16:00--16:30 Correspondence between the bulk quantum states and boundary states in topological phases in condensed matter

Tue-6 Liu, Hong

Wednesday, 10th February

Wed-1 Zhang, Shoucheng

Hitoshi Murayama (Director, IPMU), Welcome address and introduction to IPMU

Panel Discussion
Fradkin, Fujimoto, Kachru, Kitaev, Liu, Minwalla, Hartnoll, Zhang
Moderators: Aoki, Ooguri

Wed-2 Wen, Xiao-Gang
14:00--15:00 Emergence of gravitons from qbit models

Wed-3 Hashimoto, Koji
15:30--16:00 Holography and Nuclear Physics

Wed-4 Nomura, Kentaro
16:00--16:30 Topological delocalization of two-dimensional massless Dirac fermions

Wed-5 Son, Dam
Quantum anomalies in hydrodynamics

Thursday, 11th February

Thu-0 Schomerus, Volker
9:00--10:00 (Pedagogical Lecture)

Thu-1 Minwalla, Shiraz

Thu-2 Kiritsis, Elias
11:30--12:00 On Universality classes in Strongly coupled doped systems

Thu-3 Kitaev, Alexei
14:00--15:00 Classification of topological insulators and superconductors

Thu-4 Sato, Masatoshi
15:30--16:00 Fractionalization and Hidden Symmetry in Topological Orders

Thu-5 Oka, Takashi
16:00--16:30 Many-body Schwinger-Landau-Zener Mechanism in Nonequilibrium Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

16:30--18:30 Poster presentation

Friday, 12th February

Fri-0 Read, Nick
9:00--10:00 (Pedagogical Lecture)

Fri-1 Schomerus, Volker

Fri-2 Natsuume, Makoto
11:30--12:00 Critical phenomena in AdS/CFT duality

Fri-3 Takayanagi, Tadashi
14:00--15:00 Entanglement Entropy and Topological Insulators from String Theory

Fri-4 Tanaka, Akihiro
15:30--16:00 Gauge and gravitational anomalies in graphene-related systems

Fri-5 Nakayama, Yu
16:00--16:30 Universal time-dependent deformations of Schrodinger geometry

Fri-5 Fradkin, Eduardo
17:00--18:00 Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Criticality

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